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FLYHT welcomes the Dragon to its product base

November 25, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 25, 2013, Calgary - FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. has added the Dragon as an exciting new member of the FLYHT family of products.

The Dragon is a revolutionary, lightweight, portable satellite communications device that blends existing FLYHT technology with that of the iPad. FLYHT developed the new product to meet a growing demand from small aircraft, business jet and helicopter operators for a satellite communications solution similar to AFIRS. Management at FLYHT believes the Dragon enables a new level of connectivity, previously not available to small operators.

The device is portable, allowing operators the flexibility to use it where and when they need it. Because the Dragon is not installed on the aircraft, there is no need for Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), which are costly and take time to secure. Features of the Dragon include those of FLYHT's other innovative products designed for the commercial aviation industry, re-engineered for a unique market. The Dragon allows real-time voice and data communications enabled by the Iridium Satellite Network connected through the cockpit and the pilot's headset, though does not have data analysis or the safety services capabilities of other AFIRS products. An iPad application acts as an interface for the user in the cockpit to send and receive messages, such as weather updates, from the ground. Another key feature is flight following, so operators always know where their assets are in the sky.

Bill Tempany, president and CEO of FLYHT stated: "We are very excited to gain access into a new market with the Dragon, previously out of reach for our products. The tens of thousands of general aviation enthusiasts, corporate jet and helicopter operators will now be able to take full advantage of FLYHT's revolutionary technology. The device has been tested and approved by the Aircraft Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) of China for input into their Global Aircraft Management System (GAMS). We are looking forward to a rapid adoption of the technology by aviators globally."

The Dragon is affordably priced at less than $10,000 per unit with an annual recurring revenue stream for FLYHT depending on the services used by the client. Sales of the Dragon will be handled online, on the FLYHT website (www.flyht.com), as well as indirectly through major avionics distributors. Partnerships with several distributors are already in place as a way to expand market reach.



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