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Frasca’a TruVision Global will be on display at I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL.

November 6, 2007  By

lax-ap-2-2.loNov. 6, 2007 - Frasca's newest version of their visual system, TruVision Global, will be on display in the Frasca booth (#3940) at I/ITSEC, Nov. 26-29) Orlando, FL.

Nov. 6, 2007 – Frasca's newest version of their visual system, TruVision Global, will be on display in the Frasca booth (#3940) at I/ITSEC, Nov. 26-29) Orlando, FL.

lax-ap-2-2.loLong recognized for its realistic imagery in the airport area, Frasca's latest version includes worldwide coverage at a base map level.  This base map includes over 10,000 runways, coastlines, representative terrain, rivers, roads, and more!  The base map feature will allow the pilot to fly anywhere in the world and view representative terrain and runways in each area. 

Other new features of TruVision Global are variable time of day, sun/moon/star models, wave or sea state simulation, improved urban lighting, moving automobile lights at night, improved entity support, and automatic building generation. TruVision Global allows for high detail areas to be added as needed.  Satellite or aerial imagery can be added and will automatically integrate with the base map features.  High detail airports also are available. Compatibility with digital vector data allows entire cities of roads and buildings to be represented.  Adding data is a drag and drop process that does not require a lengthy database rebuild. 

The first delivery of TruVision Global will be on an EC135 FTD delivered to the Finnish Aviation Academy in Pori Finland.  This system includes the world wide base map with a high detail inset of southern Finland.  The high detail area includes an area of 350 by 250 miles. This area includes over 275,000  buildings and  27,000 miles of roads.  Thirteen mission specific areas include hospitals, accident scenes and airports.  These specific areas are modeled so as to be highly recognizable in comparison to the real world – and it all runs at 60 Hz. 


TruVision Global is an enhancement of Frasca's TruVision product line.   Frasca has been manufacturing visual systems for over 20 years, with  the TruVision line being  launched in 2004. TruVision Global incorporates COTS PC hardware, graphics boards and a Windows Operating System.  A key enabling technology of TruVision Global is software from Diamond Visionics of Vestal,  New York. Integrating Diamond’s GenesisRTTM Technology into Frasca’s TruVision Image Generator product line makes a truly dramatic visual system.

John Frasca, VP said:  “We are excited about the new capabilities that Frasca's customers will be getting.”  Diamond Visionics’ President David Gdovin states: “We view this partnership as a significant validation by Frasca of our technology, our product, our support, and our people and we look forward to a long term relationship.” About Diamond Visionics:  Diamond Visionics develops and markets COTS real-time software for the 3D visualization of data.  Complex visual scenes are created on the fly from source data and thereby eliminate the need for creating costly offline manpower intensive burden of creating databases the traditional way.

For more information about our performance enhancing technology please visit www.diamondvisionics.com

About FRASCA: Frasca International, Urbana, Illinois, manufactures flight training equipment for airlines, flight schools, universities and military organizations worldwide. Product range includes Flight Training Devices (FTDs), FNPT I, II and IIMCC devices, CPTs, Full Flight Simulators (FFS) and more for all aircraft types, fixed wing and rotary. Frasca has delivered over 2000 devices to some 70 countries since the company's founding in 1958.  For more information on Frasca equipment, contact Peggy Prichard pprichard@frasca.com   or visit the Frasca website at: www.frasca.com


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