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FreeFlight introduces Digital to Analogue Convertor for Radar Altimeters

October 29, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

FreeFlight Systems, which specializes in the development of position sources, radar altimeters and datalink receivers, has introduced a new product in the FDC-500 Convertor. The company explains this compact digital to analogue convertor allows the replacement of heavy, legacy radar altimeters with FreeFlight Systems’ RA4000/4500 radar altimeters while retaining existing antennas, cabling and indicators onboard the aircraft.

With a significant market presence in rotorcraft and general aviation with the RA4000/4500 radar altimeter, FreeFlight explains the FDC-500 will allow similar installations into turboprops and small business jets, while keeping original analog panel indicators such as the KNI 415 and KNI 416 Altitude Indicators.

The RA4000/4500 radar altimeter has a field-high reliability and is a robust and reliable solution to provide accurate height above terrain for aircraft in harsh conditions and environments time and time again. The FDC-500 will be available for delivery in December 2020.

“In continuing FreeFlight’s mission to outfit legacy aircraft with avionics for modern airspace systems, the FDC-500 is an ideal product to add to our portfolio,” says Tim Taylor, CEO and President of FreeFlight Systems. “We know there is minimal time and budget available in keeping legacy aircraft flying and FreeFlight Systems will continue to be part of the solution in keeping these aircraft airworthy.”



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