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FreeFlight Systems Introduces XPLORER

July 19, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

July 19, 2012, Waco, Tx. - FreeFlight Systems introduces the the XPLORER weather receiver, a high‐performance, affordable, easily installed system that gives pilots access to free datalink weather and a built‐in upgrade path to fully compliant ADS‐B capabilities to meet the 2019 mandatory equipage deadline.

Based on FreeFlight Systems’ proven and highly regarded RANGR family of 978MHz UAT ADS‐B systems, XPLORER receives the full ADS‐B Flight Information Service Broadcast (FIS‐B) that includes graphical weather. XPLORER connects wirelessly to any suitable display including the iPad running FreeFlight Systems’ free app. Additional XPLORER‐compatible apps for iPad and other portable devices will be available soon.

The FreeFlight Systems XPLORER solution delivers superior price‐performance compared to other low‐cost receivers. The XPLORER system is permanently installed with no cockpit or wire clutter. It also includes an externally mounted ADSB antenna for unimpeded reception of broadcast data. The XPLORER solution is designed to be integrated with a certified ADS‐B Out transmitter as required in advance of the December 2019 equipage deadline. With a certified transmitter installed, the XPLORER system also becomes a full‐featured, ADS‐B traffic receiver displaying complete and accurate traffic data. It is important to note that other lowcost receivers operating without a certified ADS‐B Out transmitter permit the display of incomplete and therefore potentially hazardous traffic information.

XPLORER is priced at $585 and is available at Oshkosh for August delivery.

For more information on this product visit, www.freeflightsystems.com/



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