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GPMS broadens certified installer network in Canada

November 3, 2022  By Helicopters Staff

GPMS International, just prior to the start of the 27th annual Helicopter Association of Canada Convention and Trade Show, announced it has expanded its Certified Installer Network into Canada to support Canadian operators looking to implement GPMS’ predictive Foresight MX HUMS. Alpine Aerotech is the first Canadian helicopter maintenance service and support company to join GPMS’s Certified Installer Network.

According to Todd Powers, GPMS’s VP of Sales, the expansion into Canada is driven by company growth, the business and safety benefits of Foresight MX, and the size of the Canadian helicopter market. “Canada has the second largest commercial helicopter fleet in the world,” he said. “Operators in this market need innovative solutions like our Foresight MX to provide predictive aircraft health and performance data to improve maintenance, safety, and flight operations.”

Powers adds that GPMS is now looking to partner with qualified and recognized installation experts like Alpine Aerotech to extend the capabilities of GPMS throughout Canada.

“Alpine Aerotech is known for their industry expertise and their collaboration with customers to upgrade aircraft and to improve capabilities and safety,” he said. “They are a great example of the companies we are looking to partner with to deliver Foresight’s capabilities throughout Canada.”


Headquartered in Kelowna, BC, with additional MRO facilities located in Abbotsford, Alpine Aerotech has approvals and authorizations for most airframes from the leading OEMs. Alpine Aerotech is noted as one of the largest Bell Customer Service Facilities worldwide, a Leonardo Recognized Maintenance Center, and has aircraft technicians certified on Airbus airframes.

“Our goal is to work with our customers to modernize their aircraft to make them safer, more efficient, and to extend the lifecycle of their aircraft,” said Alfonso Garcia, VP of Sales at Alpine Aerotech. “Foresight MX offers a real advantage for our customers. Not only does Foresight provide predictive HUMS insight into potential unscheduled maintenance events months ahead of time, reducing costs and allowing for better planning, but it also provides detailed Flight Data Management information.”


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