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H135 AC67 flex now EASA certified

January 13, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Image courtesy of Bucher Group

The Bucher Group announced its new rescue equipment H135 AC67 flex is now EASA certified on all variants of the H135 helicopter.

Now, police, transport companies or military operators will have the opportunity to convert their H135 helicopter into a fully functional rescue helicopter within about 30 minutes by using the AC67 flex-kit. Up until recently, only dedicated HEMS operators have been able to benefit from the Bucher HEMS kits. Mission profiles are now available for almost every HEMS application, from primary, secondary to disaster missions with dual stretcher.

The short installation time of about 30 minutes was made possible by the proven quick release system from Bucher Leichtbau. The HEMS-kit can be installed and removed quickly and safely without tools and with just a few hand movements. This means that the helicopter is always available for further use.

Beat Burlet, CEO of the Bucher Group, said in a press release, “more and more helicopter operators want to be able to use their helicopters around the clock. With our equipment, we address exactly this need and make it possible to equip the helicopter for HEMS operations within minutes through the fast and flexible installation and removal system. We are very pleased, that we have already have won customers for this new product. With the successful approval of our AC67 flex equipment, we are now able to deliver the first kits this year. “



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