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Helicopters Association of Canada names new board

The Helicopters Association of Canada (HAC) has officially announced its new Board of Directors after a membership vote held at the association's annual general meeting and conference in early November in Vancouver.

November 27, 2015

The new board for 2016:
•    Sylvain Seguin, CHL, Chair (Re-Elected) – Eastern Operator
•    Brad Fandrich, Valley Helicopters, Vice-Chair (Re-Elected) – Western Operator
•    Jen Norie, VIH, Corporate Secretary (mid-term – not up for election) – Western Operator
•    Jonathan Burke, Blackcomb Aviation, Director (Newly-Elected) – Western Operator
•    Brian Clegg, Skyline Helicopters, Director (Newly-Elected) – Western Operator
•    Shane Cyr, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland, Director (Newly-Elected) – Eastern Operator
•    Jacob Forman, Yellowhead Helicopters, Director (mid-term – not up for election) – Western Operator
•    Steven Williams, Emond Harnden LLP, Director (Re-Elected as an Associate Director by Acclamation) – Associate
•    Maury Wood, Avialta, Director (Elected as an Associate Director by Acclamation) – Associate

The HAC Board is composed of nine members – two Operator-Directors from East of the Manitoba-Ontario border; two Operator-Directors from West of the Manitoba-Ontario border; three Operator-Directors can be from the East or the West; and two Associate Directors. All Board members serve two-year terms.

In 2016, the positions currently occupied by Norie and Forman will be up for election.


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