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Helimax Aviation completes first bucket telemetry system

December 5, 2017  By Helimax Aviation

Helimax Aviation has successfully completed the development, installation and testing of its underslung bucket Additional Telemetry Unit (ATU) on board tracking system on its CH47D aircraft, currently deployed near Sydney, Australia.

Helimax Aviation has been working with Trotter controls, the leader in telemetry units to develop onboard underslung bucket tracking.

David Coward, DataVault Product Manager for Trotter Controls; “Slung buckets present a range of unique challenges and Helimax’s commitment to solving them has enabled us to deliver a pioneering and practical solution. We’re able to generate the full range of telemetry messages (start, engine on/off, takeoff/landing, hover entry/exit, drop/refill) giving the CH47 the identical telemetry capability of any tanked aircraft.”

Patrick Pilolla, Business Development Director for Helimax stated, “We are focused on giving our customers what they need to keep up with technology and better approach aerial wildland firefighting. The under slung bucket remains an important tool in the fire fighters toolbox and we want to ensure it is updated to give agencies the best value per gallon / liter delivered. This now allows tracking of 2,000 gal. (7,570 liter) bucket data to the same requirements of aerial tanks.”

Helimax has added this to further improve its SEI power fill bucket, it has also replaced the power fill impeller and motor with an electric Kawak unit for increased reliability and ease of maintenance.


Each ATU will record and transmit its data via TracPlus and the Iridium network and per aerial tank requirements for the USFS and NAFC. This data to include times, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, drop start and stop, volume on board, volume dropped.


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