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IDS and Contego systems announce alliance

June 27, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

June 27, 2011, Manchester, New Hampshire - Integrated Deicing Services (IDS), Manchester, New Hampshire, and Contego Systems (Contego), Newark, New Jersey announced Friday the formation of a strategic alliance to develop new business opportunities.

Both companies are industry innovators in the aircraft deicing/ anti-icing sector. Separately, the companies have developed new technologies for delivering deicing fluid (glycol) and reclamation techniques for aircraft operators.

As a joint force the alliance will bring added value that will help airlines reduce cost by reducing the amount of fluid
needed for the safe deicing of their equipment. Using a forced-air delivery of the fluid, customers will have a predictable cost model that reduces waste and improves efficiency. Their methodologies use less glycol which is a significant environmental benefit as well. Both companies have invested in emerging technologies in the glycol reclamation process.

Sal Calvino, president of IDS, and principal of the new alliance said, “from the first discussions that I had with Ed Danberry, Contegoʼs chief executive officer, and partner, it was clear that while the companies do not compete head to head, we shared many common traits and goals. We have an energy that puts customers, employees and company as the driving forces of everything that we do.

We share a passion for the safe, efficient, and timely delivery of technology-driven deicing of aircraft. We are equally focused on the environment surrounding our workplaces. Both of our firms devote a great deal of resources to the training of our employees and support the communities in which we work.”


Danberry agrees. “I was impressed, and delighted, to learn that IDS and Contego have so much in common. This Alliance will fortify our new business efforts and accelerate our ability to open new markets. It is a very exciting opportunity for both companies to bring substantial added value to our current customer base and to our prospective customers,” Danberry said.

The new alliance will capitalize on numerous economies of scale in the selling process and as a joint force they will be able to service operators of any size.


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