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James (Jim) Chatham Leggat

September 25, 2008  By Administrator

jim_leggat_smallJames (Jim) Chatham Leggat was born in Melrose, a small village outside of Edinburgh Scotland on July 31,1916. Jim was educated at the Edinburgh Institute, a private boy’s school run under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church. Jim studied animal husbandry at the Agricultural College in Edinburgh a, nd completed his apprenticeship on a farm in Melrose. On April 1, 1933 Jim immigrated to Canada where he joined his brother on a farm the family had purchased in the town of Warren, located outside Sudbury, Ontario.

 James (Jim) Chatham Leggat
July 31, 1916 — January 9, 2001
Markham Ontario

Following the premature deaths of his mother and sister, Jim moved to Toronto and started an apprenticeship in 1940 with Leavens Brothers, Barker Airfield, located at Lawrence and Dufferin Street, earning $5.00 a week. After completing his apprenticeship Jim applied to Department of Transport and obtained his Air Engineers Certificate in categories “A” and “C”. The following two years Jim was engaged as chief inspector at Leavens Brothers on the complete overhaul of DH82 Tiger Moth aircraft and DH Gypsy Major engines. Jim’s Aero Engineers license was endorsed in categories “B” and “D”. With the end of WWII Jim decided to strike out on his own in the aviation industry and started Leggat Aircraft at the south end of Barker Airfield on Dufferin St Toronto. In 1952 Jim moved his company to Buttonville Airport, Woodbine Avenue, Markham, Ontario.

As a result of his aviation expertise and willingness to help many, company officials, regulatory inspectors and lawyers were the beneficiary of his time, help and advice. Jim was a member of Centennial College’s Aerospace Department Advisory Committee for over 20 years bringing a general aviation perspective to the committee. When the Ontario Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association was formed in 1983, he was the first Treasurer and continued to be an active participant as President and performed other official duties with this organization. He was one of the moving forces in establishing and continuing to provide leadership for the forming and ongoing success of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association of Ontario.

The following awards were presented to him over the years:
a)    “The Robert McCombie Award” – 1983
b)    “Annual Ontario AME Workshop Award” – 1994
c)    “The Clare Leavens Award”- 1996
d)    “The Gordon B. Rayner Award” – 1997
e) “Canadian Owners And Pilots Association Award – February 27,1998. 

Jim had two philosophies in life: 
    DON’T  WORRY ABOUT IT – TODAY IS HERE, USE IT”.             and



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