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Latitude and AKV announce development partnership

February 24, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Feb. 24, 2014, Camarillo, Ca. - Latitude Technologies and AKV Inc. have jointly announced a technical and business development partnership between the companies.

AKV and Latitude will share in development of technical interfaces between AKV's ETM1000 Exceedance and Trend Monitor and Latitude's award-winning IONode ION100 lightweight flight data recorder. This will enable the engine condition data captured by the ETM1000 to be recorded and automatically forwarded by the IONode ION100 to multiple stakeholders of the operator of the aircraft. Operators will benefit from much quicker access to engine condition data, enabling more timely engine trend analysis and engine maintenance planning.
AKV President, Jonathan Gunn, had these comments about the Latitude partnership, "In the past, Mark Insley (Latitude President) and I had discussed the benefits of combining our technologies and what that would mean for operators.  We both realized the missing piece of the puzzle was delivering the real time engine data collected by the ETM1000. From my end, it was being able to synchronize our engine data with the Latitude FDM system as well as transmitting events through a Satellite communications device." "In combining the IONode ION100 and ETM1000 technologies, engine trend data along with recorded events (exceedances) can now be seamlessly synchronized and displayed with Latitude's post-flight analytical software to provide a full and accurate picture of a helicopter's operation. I am confident that this is what operators are looking for and I am glad to be part of the solution"
Latitude President, Mark Insley, in sharing today's announcement, added, "It's all about automation and timeliness. Our ability to grab the ETM1000 engine condition data on a continuous basis, monitor the data for inflight events, and efficiently deliver the data to the fleet's maintenance and operations teams is what sets Latitude's end-to-end FDM system apart." "Our customers were telling us that they wanted to monitor more than flight behaviour data and that engine condition data is vital to aircraft maintenance and flight safety. And, of course, we will continue to work with our customers to capture and process other mission-specific data types simply because it's what we enjoy doing."


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