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Latitude IONode receives FAA, TC certifications

March 6, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

March 6, 2013, Victoria, B.C. - Latitude Technologies announced that the company's IONode ION100 advanced data acquisition unit is now FAA and Transport Canada certified for installation on Bell 206 and Bell 407 series and Eurocopter AS350 and AS 355 helicopters equipped with Latitude SkyNode S100 transceivers.

Latitude will be announcing additional IONode FAA and TC STCs in the coming weeks as the company continues to build out its portfolio of IONode STCs. Latitude already holds IONode STCs on more than 800 Part 23, Part 25, and Part 27 category aircraft types, certifying the IONode ION100 for SMS programs around the world, including HFDM, FOQA, and MOQA initiatives.
In commenting on today's announcement, Latitude President Mark Insley said, "Getting our IONode certifications on these Bell and Eurocopter airframes is a major milestone in establishing our end-to-end HFDM system for fleet operators wanting high-value flight data processing within their operational quality programs. Important in this, our IONode ION 100 products are adaptable both to automated digital FDM environments on new aircraft and primarily analog-controlled older aircraft."
Insley concluded, "Latitude has quickly become the industry leader in FDM and HFDM systems in large part because we have been working on flight data management hardware and software technologies for more than five years. We understand the business drivers for our customers and our job is give customers the tools they need to strengthen their fleet operations and improve their bottom line."


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