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Latitude Technologies offers local phone number service

July 15, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

July 15, 2010, Victoria, B.C. - Latitude Technologies announced today that it is now offering local number calling throughout the U.S. and Canada to make their satellite telephone use more streamlined.

It now is possible for any SkyNode customer to use their
satellite telephone as an extension to their office. Callers will no longer be
restricted by outrageous pricing from their local telephone companies when
calling a satellite telephone, in addition, custom pin access codes can be
individually programmed to control unauthorized calls. Overall, we're bridging
the gap between the cell phone market and satellite telephones with a
substantial cost savings to operate our satellite transceivers anywhere.

savings can be made calling from landlines to aircraft and from aircraft to
aircraft. This type of call traditionally can cost upwards of $15/minute as an
international phone call through a regular telephone company but with
Latitude's convenient local calling service, calls can be made for as little as
$1.49/minute. The Latitude one number feature allows for easier dialing, no
more international calling fees and the flexibility to have a specific
telephone number stay with an individual aircraft rather than be associated
with the transceiver itself.


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