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Leonardo extends training services to rotorcraft UAS

March 25, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

In 2019, the AWHERO was used for maritime surveillance capability demonstrations on ships in the framework of the OCEAN 2020 initiatives. (Photo: Leonardo)

Leonardo on March 25 announced plans to extend its training services capabilities to include rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Systems. The company describes the move as an effort to provide 360-dgree training solutions to its growing customer base for maximized mission effectiveness and safety.

Leonardo recently obtained an Authorized Training Organization Certificate for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) released by ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority). With this certification, Leonardo explains it is now able to supply training services for light and very light category remotely piloted systems (up to 25 kg) through its Helicopter Training Academy headquartered in Sesto Calende (Northern Italy).

The company explains this certification greatly adds to the overall quality level and versatility of training services it provides, making Leonardo the world’s first rotorcraft OEM with this capability. Leonardo explains EASA is expected to recognize this capability in 2021.

Leonardo states this service addition allows it to respond to evolving market demands by those helicopter operators who are increasingly using small UAS for their missions, including those carrying out disaster relief and emergency response tasks.


Leonardo is also developing what it describes as a comprehensive training package for the AWHERO 200 kg class RUAS. The AWHERO was also involved in the maritime surveillance capability demonstration performed in the framework of the European OCEAN 2020 initiative in the Mediterranean Sea at the end of 2019.

The training syllabus, explains the company, will exploit solutions and methodologies available for piloted helicopters leveraging the long-established and rapidly growing training capabilities of Leonardo offered to operators worldwide through Training Academies and Centres in terms of technologies and simulation. Among the available services, a mission planning system tool based on the Leonardo SkyFlight system will allow customers to include one more operational service for the AWHERO.


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