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Leonardo supports Italian authorities for COVID-19 containment

April 2, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

Leonardo, a primary industrial company in Italy as one of the world’s 10 largest players in Aerospace, Defence and Security, continues to provide resources in support of national institutions’ management and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an April 2 report by CBC News, deaths in Italy have surpassed 13,000 and continue to reach approximately 700 per day.

Describing its support as a series of solidarity initiatives, Leonardo in cooperation with its customers is providing the use of two C-27Js Transport Aircraft of the Aircraft Division and one ATR 72. Leonardo and its crew will support “Protezione Civile” by carrying out a series of shuttle flights between Italian airports and other destinations as required during the emergency including international airports, to ensure the transportation of medical materials (ventilators, masks, etc.).

The Helicopters Division of Leonardo has made available its pilots and three helicopters, including two AW139 and one AW189, in different configurations providing technical support to the Armed Forces’ helicopter fleet, organizations, institutions, Police Forces and to all Leonardo helicopters engaged in the emergency, including maintenance and other services for “Protezione Civile” during the healthcare operations.

At the Leonardo-Grottaglie site, the company’s Aerostructures Division, it has launched the first production batch of valves, through additive manufacturing technology (3D printing). These will support the initiative of Isinnova, a company in Brescia, which has developed a plastic valve project that allows for the modification of a particular model of snorkeling mask and, which, in turn, transforms it into respirators for sub-intensive therapies. The same activity will be carried out at the Electronics Division La Spezia site.


Starting on April 6, Leonardo will offer a two month free-of-charge Threat Intelligence service to companies to improve their cyber defence due to the large scale of smart-working which poses an exposure risk. The service, guaranteed by the Cyber Division, will be provided to the first 100 companies that request the assistance and will allow the monitoring of the main cyber threats and cover any related vulnerabilities.


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