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Maverick named launch customer for Spidertracks Insights

November 2, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

Maverick Helicopters’ services span from Las Vegas to Hawaii, carrying more than 250,000 guests on VIP tours every year. (Photo: Maverick)

Spidertracks, which develops aircraft tracking and emergency management solutions, announced a partnership with Maverick Helicopters to serve as the official launch customer for Insights, the latest evolution of the Spidertracks’ Virtual FDR capabilities.

At Heli-Expo 2020 earlier this year, Spidertracks introduced its Spider X hardware, describing it as a simple and affordable plug-and-play solution, enabling aircraft owners and operators to see where and how aircraft are flying. Spider X collects critical data off an aircraft, such as data such as roll, pitch, yaw, speed and altitude, and delivers this wirelessly to the Spidertracks platform.

Insights will provide both operational and safety efficiencies, by utilizing this data to deliver flight safety events based on the aircraft’s attitude, vertical speed, altitude, heading, and exceedances.

Through Spider X, Spidertracks explains it is leveraging more than 14 years of expertise to offer aircraft owners and operators easy entry into FDM. Making flight data available and knowing what is happening during a flight, allows Spidertracks customers to use this actionable information to avoid or reduce emergency events.


“The same barriers exist today in flight data monitoring that existed in tracking when we started,” said Dave Blackwell, CEO of Spidertracks. “Our latest evolution, Insights, aims to bridge the gap and break down those barriers by utilizing data captured on Spider X to calculate safety events that indicate high-risk manoeuvers, and deliver it in a simple and easy format.”

Founded in 1995, Maverick Helicopters is one of the largest aviation-based tourism companies in the world with more than 20 years of experience and 400-plus team members. The company’s services span from Las Vegas to Hawaii, including work in the Grand Canyon, as well as Maui and Kauai islands. The team takes more than 250,000 guests on VIP tours every year and clocks in around 500,000 total flight hours with its Airbus H130s in their fleet.

“We’re looking forward to more data and information from our aircraft and seeing the benefit for our business and its operations. Also highlighting areas where there may be inefficiencies,” said John Mandernach, Regional Partner of Maverick Helicopters. “The potential is endless.”


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