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Max-Viz EVS-1500 gains Canadian certification

March 11, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

March 11, 2011, Portland, Or. - Max-Viz announced on March 4 the Canadian approval of US FAA STC#SR02322AKfor the installation of the EVS-1500 Enhanced Vision System on S-76 A thru C++ helicopters.

The Approval was obtained by STC holder and Max-Viz team partner One Sky Aviation. “The S-76 approval process went very smoothly through Transport Canada”, stated Cary Foster, owner of One Sky Aviation based in Anchorage, Alaska. “We were extremely pleased with our first interaction with Transport Canada and will shortly be submitting the B-222 / 230 / 430, EC-130 / AS-350 / EC-135, and Robinson R-44 STC’s for similar approval”, Foster said.

“This first Canadian certification for the industry benchmark EVS-1500 system will quickly be brought into service and presents a significant enhancement to both safety and operational decision making for flight crews” stated Bob Yerex, Vice President for Sales at Max-Viz.

Cary Foster of One Sky Aviation www.oneskyaviation.com added “As a long standing EVS operator on One Sky’s aircraft, I can personally attest to the ability to avoid IMC conditions during nighttime VFR flight operations, and the CFIT avoidance capability of Max-Viz infrared EVS technology is second to none within the industry.”The performance at night will make you wonder how you ever operated without the EVS. It sincerely turns night into day and reduces stress levels like no other technology”.



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