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Modular Audio and Video Systems and Electrical Consoles by Geneva Aviation

November 7, 2007  By Corrie

Nov. 7, 2007 - Geneva has the ability to design, configure and install STC’s and PMA-approved modular audio and video systems and electrical consoles.

Nov. 7, 2007 – Geneva has the ability to design, configure and install STC’s and PMA-approved modular audio and video systems and electrical consoles. Geneva’s STC packages provide tip to toe Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and broadcast quality communications for a variety of aircraft including AS350/355, B206 and B407.

Geneva’s modular design approach allows new products and applications to be installed quickly and reduces long lead times often necessary for new approvals. This approach also enables easier, less expensive and time consuming equipment replacement, which reduces down time and allows operators to get back up in the air to complete the missions for which it is intended.

The following Geneva products are FAA approved and are available individually or as packages.

  • P132 Electrical Console.
  • Broadcast – quality audio system.
  • Broadcast HD and analog video systems.
  • Electrical system upgrades.
  • Plug and play, NVG compatible control heads.
  • Modular monitor mounts.
  • Customized instrument panel with a crack resistant glare shield.
  • Tail cameras.
  • Cineflex high-definition gyro-stablized camera systems.

Geneva has recently received Transport Canada approval of their AS350/355 Modular Equipment Rack which offers the capability to mount a variety of electronic devices into the side baggage compartment. The AS350/355 Microwave System is another recent Transport Canada approval. This STC can be used as an essential part of an ENG completion. Geneva has the ability to provide various STC approved completion kits and can also provide engineering and on-site technical support services for installation of the equipment at the customer’s location or a selected completion center.


DART Helicopters Services and family company Geneva Aviation fully realizes that the large capital investment you have made in your aircraft and equipment must be leveraged and respected. We stand behind our designs and installations completely and are available around the clock for assistance.   
President Steve Joseph stated “Geneva’s unique ability to provide STC approved ENG and other electronic kits provides our customers with great flexibility regarding system design and in selecting a completion location.”

DART Helicopter Services LLC is a privately held Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing company whose primary focus is developing innovative STC’d products and creating sales networks for aerospace manufacturers who are looking to benefit from DART’s global marketing network and sales channel.  DART is the logical choice for rotary wing operators who are seeking a supplier with a comprehensive product line and superior customer support. DART’S subsidiary and affiliated companies own over 400 STC’s and manufacture over 500 products.  With its highly trained and knowledgeable North American and International sales team, DART Helicopter Services distributes more than 1300 aftermarket products to over 120 countries. For further information, please call N. American Sales 1 (800) 556 4166 or 1 (613) 632 3336 or  Int’l Sales 1 (246) 420 7282 sales@darthelicopterservices.com


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