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New apps produced for Robinson Helicopters

December 4, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Dec. 4, 2013, Torrance, Ca. - Tim Tucker, Robinson Helicopter Company’s Chief Instructor and Claus Richter founder of Gyronimo, LLC have teamed together to produce a series of new performance apps for the Robinson R22, R44 and R66.

These new apps build on the already popular Robinson apps developed by Gyronimo but add the insights and knowledge of Robinson’s well known Chief Instructor.  Each app includes not only weight & balance and navigation calculations, but also all critical performance calculations such as Manifold Pressure, Vne and IGE/OGE limits.

The Weight & Balance feature uses a visual depiction of the helicopter and touch screen sliding bars to easily input and change various weights and fuel quantities.  For example, add or remove the right door with a single touch and instantly the gross weight and CG adjust.  When a limitation, such as baggage compartment weight or longitudinal/lateral limits are exceeded the screen turns red to alert the pilot.

In the Performance feature IGE/OGE ceilings, Vne and Manifold Pressure limits simultaneously change as the touch screen sliding bar is adjusted.  With Tim Tucker’s input the R22 and R44 manifold pressure limit inaccuracies found in other apps and the POH’s tabular presentations are corrected.  The sliding bar on the R66 app makes the important Power Assurance Chart and the difficult to interpret, climb charts easy to use and understand.

“What I really like about these apps is the pilot is able to clearly see how changes in various factors affect specific aircraft performance," Tucker said. "For example, increase the temperature slider and instantly see the decrease in hover performance and affect on horsepower limits. Students, pilots and flight instructors will find these apps a great tool in understanding the effects of the many variables we deal with on every flight.”



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