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New safety video highlights preheat benefits

November 17, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 17, 2011, Eden Prairie, Min. - Tanis Aircraft Products announced today the release of a new video outlining the safety benefits of helicopter preheat.

Tanis is the technology and innovation leader in aircraft preheat systems, including state of the art systems designed specifically for rotary wing aircraft. The new video highlights the functionality and features of the company’s helicopter preheat systems. Tanis preheat technology allows an operator to preheat critical driveline components and fluid reservoirs prior to flight.

The video was first presented at the International Helicopter Safety Symposium (IHSS) in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 9th. Following the video presentation, a number of delegates took the time to express support for Tanis preheat technology. One cold climate operator commented, “I have Tanis preheat systems on all of my helicopters. For my fleet it is simply the best winter safety practice that money can buy.” Another participant opined, “I was not aware that such a system existed. We’ve tried portable heaters at our remote sites and they are cumbersome to transport and fickle to operate. The Tanis system looks like the real deal, transportable, reliable and best of all safe.”

The short two-minute video identifies wintertime hazards affecting the safe operation of rotary wing aircraft relating to fluids, critical driveline components and battery efficiency. Tanis advocates the use of preheat systems prior to engine start to ensure a safer, more predictable winter launch with all gauges in the green. With the installation of a Tanis preheat system, the message concludes, helicopter operators can optimize launch times and minimize safety worries concerning critical in-flight components and fluids.

Operators in cold climates have known for years that preheating is a winter season best practice and is mandated by both engine manufacturers and certain government jurisdictions. Selecting a proper preheat system enhances operational safety and saves on operational costs, enhances scheduling and decreases downtime during winter operations.



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