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New Thales Reality full motion flight simulator for the Helisim Simulation Center

May 11, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of Thales Group.

The Helisim Simulation Center, located inside the Airbus Helicopters Inc. facility, unveiled a new Thales Reality H full-motion flight simulator.

Helisim LLC, a subsidiary of Helisim SAS, has already invested $22 million for the new simulation center. The H145 simulator will offer the possibility for pilots to perform their initial and recurrent H145 training in the Americas, with customers already booked to begin training later this month.

The 18,500 square-foot Helisim Simulation Center was designed to house two simulator bays, with the possibility to expand to hold three simulators in the future as needed. The training center also operates an H125/AS350 full flight simulator and an EC135/EC145 flight training device.

This represents a major international expansion of France-based Helisim, a joint venture of Airbus Helicopters, Thales, and DCI which brings 20 years of experience in simulation training with Airbus helicopters.


Equipped with Airbus Helicopters avionics and software suite, this simulator will provide the most true to life experience while allowing the safety of simulation training for a variety of real world situations. The simulator becomes Airbus Helicopters’ second H145 full flight simulator, the first being located in Germany.


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