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Feb. 1, 2008 - CFI Mentoring Program focusing on "Current Training Issues,"  "How To Teach Maneuvers," and " How To Be An Effective Leader (Mentor)."

February 1, 2008
By Corrie


Feb, 1, 2008 – CFI Mentoring Program  – This program will feature:

Current Training Issues – This segment will focus on the helicopter
flight training market and issues that are affecting the industry
today. These issues include safety, regulatory, and other topics of
discussion in today's market.
How To Teach Maneuvers – This segment will focus on the "how to" in
helicopter training. Helicopter instructors with many years of
experience in the helicopter training market will share their
techniques when teaching maneuvers to include risk mitigation.
How To Be An Effective Leader (Mentor) – This topic will focus on being
a leader (mentor) in the helicopter industry. This discussion will
include career transition (becoming a new flight instructor),
communications, listening, and other leadership traits.  Sponsored by
the HAI Flight Training Committee, the panel is scheduled for Sunday,
February 24.


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