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More from Helicopters | Business | Events December 29, 2011
Whistler Medical Centre helipad fails inspection
This won't be a great holiday season for anyone who needs to get to the Whistler Health Care Centre in a hurry by helicopter. Helicopters won't be landing at the Whistler Health Centre helipad this holiday season because Transport Canada couldn't issue an operating certificate following an inspection on December 15 of the upgraded landing pad.
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ORNGE spinoff lands exclusive deal
First, Ontario’s ORNGE air ambulance service paid $120 million for 10 new helicopters, purchasing them from an Italian aircraft giant in 2008. Then the Italian company’s American office struck a $6.7 million deal to hire a Toronto firm made up of ORNGE executives to provide it with “sales and marketing services.” ORNGE will not discuss the deal. The Toronto Star has obtained a copy of the contract and related documents.
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Trinity Helicopters opens new base in Iqaluit
Trinity Helicopters has started full-time operations in Iqaluit, providing faster response, better access, and lower costs for helicopter services in Nunavut.
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Bell Helicopter delivers first multi-mission 429
Bell Helicopter has delivered the first Bell 429 with a multi-mission configuration to Fairfax County, Va. This is the first of two Bell 429s being delivered to Fairfax County. The second Bell 429 is expected to deliver in the second quarter of 2012.
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Helicopter crash prompts maintenance checks
A bearing failure in the engine of a helicopter that crashed in the B.C. interior last year has triggered a maintenance alert for some helicopters.
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