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More from Helicopters | Business | Events January 12, 2012
Province cleans house at ORNGE
The dream of getting rich at ORNGE air ambulance ended Wednesday as high-paid executives got pink slips, a series of mysterious for-profit companies were shuttered and well-paid board members were given the boot.
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Exchange Income Corp. buys Custom Helicopters
Exchange Income Corporation has signed a letter of intent to acquire the operations and assets of Custom Helicopters Ltd., a privately owned provider of helicopter services in Manitoba and Nunavut.
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Final call for ASU's night vision award entries
Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) has announced that it is accepting nominations for the Night Vision Awards – to be presented at Heli-Expo in February – until Jan. 16.
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U.S. Marines test K-Max drone cargo helicopter
The U.S. Marines have begun testing the Kaman K-MAX drone helicopter, the first operational use of a cargo drone.
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Tories retool search-and-rescue plane plan
The Harper government may be ready to deliver on its long-standing promise to buy new search-and-rescue planes for the air force. The procurement plan, stuck in bureaucratic limbo for almost a decade, was approved by the federal cabinet just before Christmas and with a slightly bigger budget of $3.7 billion, according to defence sources.
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