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More from Helicopters | Business | Events February 23, 2012
Ornge facing service disruptions in wake of scandal
The Opposition says Ontario's air ambulances are facing numerous service disruptions in the wake of a scandal that's engulfed Ornge. The Conservatives say over the past three weeks, helicopters have been sent to the wrong hospital or grounded for days because there were no pilots.
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Bell honours platinum customer service facilities
Bell Helicopter has named its 2012 Platinum-level Customer Service Facilities (CSFs). These 11 independently-owned maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers are the top performers of the Bell Helicopter industry-leading worldwide customer support and services network.
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TSB releases report into Pickle Lake crash
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has released its final investigation report (A10C0214) into the Dec. 2010 engine power loss and autorotation landing of a Forest Helicopters Inc. Eurocopter AS350B2 near Pickle Lake, Ont.
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Great Slave Helicopters acquires Northern Air Support
Discovery Air subsidiary Great Slave Helicopters Limited (GSH) has announced that it has expanded into British Columbia with the purchase of its newest subsidiary Northern Air Support (NAS) pending approvals from the regulatory authorities.
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Labrador woman calls on PM to investigate SAR response
Elizabeth Rice has written a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling for an investigation into the search for a boy who went missing last month and died on sea ice.
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