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More from Helicopters | Business | Events August 23, 2012
Canadian Helicopters long-term prospects remain positive
Canadian Helicopters Group expects its mission in Afghanistan providing air support to the U.S. military will come to an end in a few years as NATO looks to wind down its operations in the war-torn country.
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Feds call for Canadian Coast Guard fleet upgrade
A Letter of Interest to invite aerospace representatives to an Industry Day has been posted on MERX, the government's contracting website, in order to begin engaging potential contractors in the procurement process. In line with other major federal procurement projects, the Canadian Coast Guard will work with Public Works and Government Services Canada to engage industry early and often throughout the procurement process.
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Boeing marks 50th anniversary of H-47 Chinook
As Boeing marks the 50th anniversary of delivering the first H-47 Chinook military helicopter, the company is nearing completion of a $130 million renovation of its production line near Philadelphia that will help it meet global demand for the latest model, the CH-47F.
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RCAF's 442 Squadron welcomes new leader
CFB Comox's 442 Squadron welcomed a new commanding officer at a change of command ceremony on Wednesday, and bid adieu to the officer who has been at the helm for almost two years.
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Canadian aerospace to get mixed results: report
Several of Canada’s export-dependent manufacturing industries are counting on the U.S. economy and demand from emerging markets to sustain production increases and bolster profitability in the face of increasing global economic uncertainty, according to the Canadian Industrial Profile-Summer 2012.
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