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More from Helicopters | Business | Events November 29, 2012
Transport Canada admits safety inspector shortage
Transport Canada admitted Tuesday it is short of nearly 100 inspectors whose job is to check for safety problems at air carriers.
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Helicopter market remains strong: Sikorsky
The U.S. defense budget is under intense pressure as automatic spending cuts loom, but Sikorsky Aircraft says the longer-term outlook for military helicopters remains bright given several new programs getting started in the United States and strong overseas demand.
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Sea King forced to make emergency landing
A Sea King helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing last Thursday in a vacant lot near a grocery store in Halifax after it experienced problems with its hydraulics, the Department of National Defence said.
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Third AW169 takes to the skies
The third prototype of the new generation 4.5 tonne light intermediate AgustaWestland AW169 recently completed its maiden flight at Cascina Costa, in Italy.
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SkyTrac Systems to soar with new ownership
Kelowna, B.C's SkyTrac Systems has announced that a group composed of Malachi Nordine, SkyTrac’s current director of product development, Stephen Sorocky and Roynat Equity Partners, has purchased the business of SkyTrac Systems from Kathleen Wallace, the founder of SkyTrac.
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