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More from Helicopters | Business | Events January 10, 2013
Dramatic helicopter rescue highlights SAR challenges
A helicopter pilot sent to rescue two Nunavut hunters stranded on the ice ended up having to get rescued as well.
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Phoenix Heli-Flight to support emergency services efforts
Beginning in April, Phoenix Heli-Flight has announced the purchase of a 24/7 dedicated emergency response helicopter to help serve the overnight emergency medical needs of Wood Buffalo residents.
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Former Ornge CEO Mazza breaks his silence
If it had not been for a talk years ago with his adolescent son, Christopher Mazza might not have become the mystery man at the centre of Ontario's biggest political scandal of 2012 – the alleged mismanagement of the province's Ornge medical-transport service.
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Bell's new facility slowly taking shape
Construction crews are busy installing steel beams and metal siding at a new Bell Helicopter facility that eventually will assemble the new Relentless 525 helicopter. Construction is expected to be completed in March or April.
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Paramedic union cold to idea of helicopter service
The idea of a non-profit organization operating a helicopter air ambulance out of Prince George is misguided, according to the union representing B.C. paramedics.
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