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More from Helicopters | Business | Events April 19, 2013
Coast to Coast Helicopters adds two new B3es
Coast to Coast Helicopters has taken delivery of two enhanced AS350 B3es to increase support for the group's utility helicopter operations.
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A helicopter that proves it's always mind over matter
Puzzlebox Productions and its mind-controlled helicopter are easy to spot at tech events like this week’s Robot Block Party at Stanford University.
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B.C. helicopter crash claims one, four survive
The family of a Washington State orchardist confirms Michael Monson has died in a helicopter crash on a remote section of B.C.'s inner coast, east of Vancouver Island.
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Autopilot issue forces offshore helicopter to return to base
The agency that oversees Newfoundland's offshore industry says there were no safety issues when a helicopter carrying offshore workers developed a problem with its autopilot system.
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Helicopters searching for Next Gen achievers
Do you have young employees at your operation who are taking key leadership roles and changing the face of your operation?
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