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More from Helicopters | Business | Events November 14, 2013
Goodwill charge drags down HNZ Group results
HNZ Group Inc. says a goodwill impairment charge of $23.5 million resulted in a net loss for the third quarter.
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NDP questions decision to replace Sea King with Cyclone
As the Conservative government mulls whether to scrap its bogged-down purchase of Sikorsky Cyclone helicopters to replace the fleet of aging Sea Kings, the NDP is raising fresh questions about whether those new helicopters are capable of doing the job.
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Study urges privacy policy for potentially intrusive UAVs
There must be clear policies about the sort of personal information flying drones are allowed to collect before Canadian police and others begin using them on a large scale, warns a new study.
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Industry leaders take centre stage at HAC event
Several key members of the Canadian helicopter industry were honoured last Saturday afternoon at the annual Helicopter Association of Canada's annual convention and trade show for their outstanding contributions to the industry.
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Wood Buffalo Helicopters and Summit Helicopters join forces
The Ledcor Group of Companies and Wood Buffalo Helicopters announced today that they have concluded an agreement in principle to merge their helicopter businesses and assets in Fort McMurray, Yellowknife and Terrace into a single operating entity, subject to regulatory approval.
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