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Night Flight Concepts joins forces with Massachusetts State Police

May 8, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

May 8, 2012, Bedford, Tx. - Night Flight Concepts is pleased to announce award of a multi-year contract with Massachusetts State Police (MSP) for a comprehensive program of night vision imaging system (NVIS) and laser defense support.

The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) is the principle statewide law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the largest law enforcement agency in New England and the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in the United States. MSP works in partnership with local communities to enhance public safety and security through provision of quality policing, leadership and strategic resources needed during natural disasters, civil disorder and critical incidents.

Leveraging proven, market-leading tools, technologies, training and maintenance practices, Night Flight Concepts has been contracted to help MSP to plan, implement and sustain mission-critical NVIS and Laser Defense capabilities required for duty.  The NFC program products and services are expected to enhance mission safety, officer and operator capabilities and mission performance. 

MSP NVIS support includes Night Vision Goggle (NVG) equipment acquisition, NFC NVG training and maintenance services, and the Hoffman NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit to ensure aircraft airworthiness. New Laser Armor TM Aviator Glasses, Laser Armor TM Light Interference Filters (LIF) and Laser Armor TM Training will help MSP increase laser strike readiness and prevent possible damage to personnel and equipment.



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