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Night Flight Concepts to help Fayette County police

July 6, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

July 6, 2012, Bedford, Tx. - Night Flight Concepts, a comprehensive night vision solution company, is pleased to announce it was selected by Fayette County Sherriff’s Office (FCSO) Aviation Unit to provide Night Vision Goggle (NVG) maintenance and NVIOTM NVG Computer-Based Training services to help ensure the safety and readiness of equipment and personnel for night operations.

“It’s about safety” stated Lieutenant Bill Riley, FCSO NVG program lead.
“That’s our bottom line. NVGs have always been essential to our
organization to ensure safety at night. Our NVG maintenance program and
NVIO NVG CBT help keep the team safe at night by keeping us current.”

Night Flight Concepts is providing regular 180-day NVG inspection and
repair services to FCSO to ensure equipment airworthiness. The NVIO NVG
CBT is being used to help maintain training currency. Riley comments on
the NVIO training: “I like that it provides a flexible, state-of-the art
way to stay up to date on NVG curriculum and what’s new.” Time savings
and flexibility matter to Lt. Riley given his demanding schedule. Riley
is one of two certified NVG instructors in the State of Georgia and
assists 4 other organizations in the state maintain NVG currency in his
spare time.

“Night Flight Concepts recognizes the integral role the Fayette County
Sherriff’s Office plays in enabling the existence of a certified,
airworthy NVG capability in the State of Georgia,” explained NFC
president, Adam Aldous. “We are pleased to support this dynamic team.”

Due to the growth of Fayette County, in both population and traffic, the
FCSO created an aviation unit in 2002 to help safeguard the lives and
property of the people in their community, to reduce the incidence and
fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the
diverse communities to improve their quality of life. The FCSO NVG
program was planned and implemented when the unit was established. The
Aviation Unit is comprised of two full time pilots who fly on goggles
and operate an NVG-compatible Eurocopter AS350B2 helicopter. The FCSO
aviation unit performs daily patrols and is on standby 24/7 for use in
law enforcement and emergency services, including manhunts, vehicle
pursuits, drug interdiction, and searches for lost persons. The FCSO
Aviation Unit has responded to calls from every law enforcement agency
in the county and occasionally outside of the county.



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