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Night Flight releases orientation kit and laser strike training at Heli Expo 2011.

March 8, 2011  By Melissa Damota

March 8, 2011 – Night Flight Concepts releases orientation kit and laser strike training at Heli Expo 2011.

Flight Concepts
showcased several innovative new NVG maintenance program developments that will help
organizations improve safety, reduce cost and increase performance.

Government regulations explicitly state requirements for NVG equipment maintenance and personnel
training to ensure continued airworthiness and safe operations. Night Flight Concepts assists clients by
providing novel and cost-effective solutions that address these maintenance requirements.

We are very pleased to unveil our new NVG maintenance solutions here at HAI Heli-Expo,” asserted
Night Flight Concepts, President Adam Aldous. “Night Flight Concepts is committed to delivering NVG
training and support tools to help our clients develop, implement and sustain a comprehensive and
compliant NVG maintenance solution.”

Options to Streamline NVG Maintenance

The administrative and resource burden required to maintain a compliant, conformant NVIS program can
sometimes be quite onerous. Night Flight Concepts has addressed that burden by providing the following
capabilities that will contribute to a safe, high caliber and cost-effective NVG program:

Parts Ordering Tool.

By using interactive 3D NVG models of virtual NVG equipment, the new Night Flight Concepts
aviator night vision imaging system (ANVIS) parts order system allows a faster, easier, more-
intuitive process for parts identification and ordering. The result is first-time-right repair
responses, reducing the delays and downtime associated with NVG equipment repair.

NVG Lens Conversion Program

Night Flight Concepts has introduced a new equipment repair option – the NVG Lens Conversion
Program – to provide a cost-effective way to overhaul and resolve non-compliant NVG equipment
and cockpit lighting issues attributed to compatibility issues between Class A and B cockpits and
Class A and B filtered goggles.

Hoffman NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit
Night Flight Concepts is assisting in the development and delivery of the new Hoffman
Engineering NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit (ANV-550). The NVG Lighting Conformity Test Kit
offers a complete NVG lighting testing capability to help organizations simplify and standardize
the testing process and meet regulatory and lighting compliance requirements.

New Educational Webinar Assists with NVG Program Planning

Night Flight Concepts has released the new NVG Orientation Kit, a 5-part webinars series that
provides an introduction to the basics of what’s required for a successful Night Vision Goggle


For more information visit: www.nightflightconcepts.com

Night Flight Concepts responded to recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports of
record number of laser strike incidents in 2010, by announcing the expansion of their new Laser
Eye Protection Program to help aircraft operators improve safety and prevent the risk of eye damage.

FAA Findings: The Growing Threat of Laser Strikes
On January 18th, the FAA reported that the number of incidences of laser strikes into cockpits has
continued to trend upwards, growing to a record number in 2010. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray
LaHood was quoted outlining the severity of this problem: “This is a serious safety issue,” he asserted.

“Lasers can distract and harm pilots who are working to get passengers safely to their destinations.”

Known effects of laser light irradiation on an aircrew can range from mild to severe. Transient visual
effects can include loss of situational awareness, to startle or temporary “flash” blindness to stinging and
tearing. Longer-term effects can include retinal damage.

Increase Readiness: Enhanced Laser Strike Training

In response to this growing safety concern, Night Flight Concepts
recently joined forces with Delta P – a consulting company
specializing in aerospace physiology – to develop an expanded
Laser Eye Protection Program (LEPP).

The LEPP is a timely and
cutting edge training program to teach aircrew members the
capabilities, limitations and preventative measures required to
respond to a laser strike.

The program addresses the need for
education about laser strikes and covers mitigation techniques most
effective in the public safety sector of aviation. Upon completion of
the program, students have a sound understanding of the affects of
lasing, methods for mitigating the problem and recommendations for
safety management systems, including mandatory requirements for
pilot/crew retinal scans to establish vision performance baselines.

Night Flight Concepts has posted industry and government information on laser strikes, the LEPP training
and support information to NVGsafety.com – the new online resource site for Night Vision Goggle (NVG)
safety and education. Information will soon be posted to the new, associated resource site,
LaserStrikeProtection.com designed to help organizations understand, and respond to, the laser strike issues.

If you have questions or concerns related to this bulletin, LEPP or other NVG issues, please visit


Night Flight Concepts unveiled a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Orientation
Kit to introduce the basics of NVG operations. This complimentary webinar series will help
organizations accelerate learning of NVG solutions and development time for night vision (NVIS)
program planning.

As Night Flight Concepts President, Adam Aldous explained, “Over the years, our company has assisted
countless civil and military clients worldwide with NVG solutions. In doing so, we’ve learned that many
organizations find it difficult to navigate through all of the information and regulations involved to
understand what is required to develop, implement and sustain an NVG solution. We created this series
to help talk any organization through the first steps of this process, to kick-start their NVIS planning

The NVG Orientation Kit, is a 5-part webinar mini-series from Night Flight Concepts that provides an
introduction to the basics of what’s required for Night Vision Goggle operations. From regulations to
routines, the series highlights what you need to know to ensure optimal NVG operational performance
and safety.

Content is delivered in short, easy to follow webinar segments which introduce different
critical components of a Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Program:

  • NVIS Program Planning
  • ITAR & Regulations
  • Equipment
  • Training

If you already have an existing NVG program, or if you are just thinking of rolling out such an initiative,
these short sessions contain many helpful tips and recommendations to ensure your NVIS program stays
on track.

Information covered includes:

  • Integrating NVGs into your operation to enhance safety during night flight operations.
  • Maintaining an ITAR compliant NVG program.
  • Acquiring the correct NVG equipment to meet the applicable regulatory guidance.
  • Training products and services to support all of your NVG training needs.
  • Maintenance requirements for the continued airworthiness for NVGs and NVIS modified aircraft.

NVG Orientation Kit can be accessed via the Night Flight Concepts website or NVGsafety.com, the new
online resource site for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) safety and education.

To learn more, visit www.nightflightconcepts.com/nvgkit


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