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Percepto launches new drones, analytics for inspection platform

November 25, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Percepto Air Mobile drone. (Image: Percepto)

Percepto of Israel, which focuses on autonomous inspection with industrial robotics, on November 17 launched its upgraded 2022 Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) platform and its new Air Mobile drone.

Percepto explains the AIM 2022’s newly launched Insight Manager delivers AI-powered packaged solutions for sector-specific use cases, such as solar, mining, energy, oil & gas and other industries. Percepto states its AI change detection framework, developed from tens of thousands of hours of autonomous robot missions at industrial facilities, offers unified visual data and critical business insights for each of the sector-specific solutions.

AIM 2022 can be integrated with autonomous drones and robots as well as other visual data collectors, now including DJI drones, and fixed cameras. Reports and insights are automatically generated based on the combined visual data. Disseminated to relevant stakeholders on any mobile device, Percepto explains issues and faults are geotagged and displayed on a map, enabling action before escalating into more serious problems.

Percepto on Nov. 17 also introduced its new Percepto Air portfolio to support the enhanced platform. The next generation of Percepto Sparrow, the Percepto Air Max is designed for large mining, oil & gas, and energy companies. It has a top-grade, versatile payload for specific use-cases. Designed to inspect and map complex industrial environments where the highest accuracy and durability are critical, Air Max is described by the company as the only DIB Drone-in-a-Box solution with an Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera.


Percepto describes its new Air Mobile as a more compact and lighter-weight drone for smaller sites or organizations taking first steps with a drone-in-box program, or larger sites that need greater deployment flexibility. The company explains Air Mobile is ideal for linear inspections, such as pipelines and power lines, and can monitor short-term projects across multiple sites.

Percepto Air Max and Air Mobile drones are stored permanently onsite within their respective Percepto Bases. “Percepto AIM 2022 and the new Percepto Air line of drones, together with the most advanced change detection solution, alert and prevent failures and downtime within diverse use cases across many industries,” said Percepto CEO Dor Abuhasira. “Percepto AIM provides the most advanced and comprehensive enterprise inspection software that offers a complete data workflow – from capture to insight.”


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