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Quebec’s Airmedic takes to the skies

July 10, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

July 10, 2012, Brossard, Que. - Monday was a special day at AIRMEDIC's Saint-Hubert Base as Christian Trudeau, president and CEO, revealed the AIRMEDIC fleet and explained the operating model that has propelled the company into the skies.

AIRMEDIC offers helicopter and airplane emergency medical services to the general public, businesses, and hospitals across Quebec-24/7, 365 days a year.

"When it's time to save lives, AIRMEDIC now has the capacity to intervene anywhere in Quebec, from major cities to remote wilderness areas, as quickly as humanly possible," said Christian Trudeau.

Major investments and a winning operational structure A 25 million dollar investment this spring enabled AIRMEDIC to swiftly set up a high-performance operational structure.

Just two months after the company was founded, AIRMEDIC already boasts a state-of-the-art fleet comprising four helicopters and one Pilatus PC12 plane. Further acquisitions are planned for the coming months. Rescue operations launch from four strategically located bases-Saint-Hubert, the Laurentians, Quebec City, and Saguenay. AIRMEDIC is already planning to open a fifth base in Chibougamau, and looking into additional locations.


The success of AIRMEDIC's mission hinges on the company's devoted, highly professional staff of close to fifty. Its medical intervention teams are made up of seasoned helicopter and airplane pilots, a medical director with expertise in emergency medicine, and experienced nursing and paramedic professionals with specialized aeromedical training.

"Our investments have created fifty new jobs across Quebec, but that's not all," Trudeau added. "We have also built a unique business-the only one of its kind in Quebec."

An essential service for the population of Quebec Several factors paved the way for AIRMEDIC to take its place in the world of emergency medical care. Paramount among them is the need to treat injured patients immediately, within the time period known as the "golden hour"-often a matter of life and death in emergency medical situations. The "golden hour" principle holds that administering care in the first hour following a traumatic injury will decrease the risk of death, complications, and aftereffects.

"Quebec was one of the few places in the western world without an established service of this kind. AIRMEDIC is providing an essential service to the public, private businesses, and hospitals," Mr. Trudeau said in closing.

With annual membership fees starting at $120, AIRMEDIC services are accessible to everyone, anywhere in the province.


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