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Rostec to begin supplying Ansat to China

February 19, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

In addition to its new Chinese validation, the Ansat has also completed tests for operation in mountainous terrain at altitudes of up to 3,500 metres. (Photo: Rostec)

Russian Helicopters holding company, which is part of Rostec State Corp., received the type certificate of its Ansat light multipurpose helicopter for use in the People’s Republic of China. This validation by Chinese aviation authorities allows Rostec to start supplying Ansat helicopters to China under a previously awarded contract.

At the 2018 China Airshow, Russian Helicopters signed a contract for supplying 20 Ansat helicopters to the Chinese Emergency and Disaster Relief Association.

“The Chinese market is much larger that the Russian market, even taking into account the EAEU,” said Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. “Thus, China is an important potential market for us, and we may sell several hundred helicopters.” Manturov continues to explain, that before selling hundreds of helicopters into China, Rostec must first ensure capable after-sales service, which is now underway.

“Validation of Ansat certificate in China was a result of cooperation of specialists from Rostec, Russian Helicopters, the Kazan Helicopters, our selectors, and the aviation authorities of Russia and China. We are ready to commence the supplies this year.


“I am convinced that Ansat operation in China will promote the sales of the helicopter in other countries in the region, which also express interest in this modern and reliable rotorcraft,” said Andrey Boginsky, director general of Russian Helicopters, who also notes the new Ansat validation was done in partnership with Kazan Helicopters.

Russian Helicopters explains, that back in November and December of 2018, the Ansat took part in a Russian Helicopters’ demonstration tour throughout southeast Asia, flying over 5,000 kilometers in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The light multipurpose Ansat was designed by the Kazan Helicopters design office. The rotorcraft has two engines and is geared for passenger and VIP transport, cargo delivery, environmental monitoring, and as an air medical helicopter. High-altitude tests of Ansat have been completed, which confirmed the possibility of its operation in mountainous terrain at altitudes of up to 3,500 metres. The helicopter is designed to be operated in a temperature range between -45 and +50 degrees Celsius.


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