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Rotary Wing Technology Introduction course to be held in Ottawa

Jan. 16, 2008 - Marinvent Inc., a flight test and evaluation company based in Quebec, and the Flight Test Centre of Excellence (FTCE) are pleased to announce a 'Rotary Wing Technology Introduction’ course.

January 16, 2008
By Corrie



Marinvent Inc., a
flight test and evaluation company based in Quebec, and the Flight Test Centre
of Excellence (FTCE) are pleased to announce a ‘Rotary Wing Technology Introduction’
course, a five day course covering the essentials of the modern rotorcraft and
the technical and practical application of helicopters. The course is taught by
industry experts, Ray Prouty and Shawn Coyle.

The Rotary Wing Technology
Introduction course is suited to new operators, maintainers, aerospace engineers,
helicopter certifiers and regulators and experienced ones who need a refresher.
The course will provide a solid base of knowledge that can be applied routinely
in their associated work environments.




Shawn Coyle
is a helicopter test pilot with over twenty-five (25) years experience in flight
testing, including over ten (10) years experience teaching flight testing at three
major test pilot schools. He was an engineering certification test pilot for Transport
Canada for five (5) years. He is currently involved in simulator development.

Prouty is an experienced rotary wing engineer who has worked for most major North
American manufacturers. Ray is the author of numerous textbooks on helicopters
and for nearly twenty (20) years he was the author of a monthly column for Rotor
and Wing Magazine. Ray lectures on helicopters regularly at universities worldwide.



Students of this course will acquire
rudimentary theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to understand helicopter
aerodynamics, system architectures, control systems and handling qualities. Numerous
examples from real world helicopters will be presented. A workbook of examples
will be included for each student as will be copies of Prouty’s ‘Helicopter
Aerodynamics’ and Coyle’s ‘Cyclic and Collective’. A more
detailed outline of the course can be found at the link below but topic highlights

• Rotor and Head Configurations,

Mast Bumping

• Vibrations, Stability and Control

Retreating Blade Stall

• External loads

• Ground vortex
rollup, Vortex Ring State,

• Autorotation and flare

Dynamic Rollover

• Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness

Human factors

• Tandem Rotor Helicopters

• Night Vision

• Airworthiness requirements, testing and certification


The details

Dates: Monday January 28
to Friday February 1, 2008

CAE Professional Services Building 1135 Innovation Drive, Suite 300 Ottawa, Ontario
K2K 3G7, Canada

Cost: $2000 per

Catering: Customers will
be provided coffee and refreshments daily and lunch Monday to Thursday. The course
is expected to wrap up around noon on Friday.

For more information about the Rotary Wing Introduction Course, please contact
Ian McIntyre, Gladstone Aerospace Consulting, 613-596-1105.

and payment:
For registration and payment options, please visit the following
website and complete the registration process.


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