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Savback to introduce Zefhir in Northern Europe

October 17, 2019  By Helicopters Staff

Reja Savbäck, CEO of Savback Helicopters, and Nabore Benini, vice president of Curti Industries. (Photo: Savback Helicopters)

Italian manufacturer CURTI Industries and international distributor Savback Helicopters have entered into a new partnership for the promotion and sale of the Zefhir helicopter across Northern Europe. Savback will introduce the lightweight turbine helicopter to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, and Russia, among others.

“We have been following the development of this impressive helicopter closely and with great interest,” said Reja Savbäck, CEO of Savback Helicopters AB. “We’re entering into a phase of innovation in the helicopter industry, and the coming years will be revolutionary for the market. This partnership with Curti is an important next step for us.”

Savback states the Zefhir raises the bar in terms of safety and performance in the newborn 600 kg ultralight category, pointing to the helicopter’s ballistic parachute and overall attention to safety in its design, manufacturing and validation processes.


The Zefhir parachute is a safety device designed to provide an alternative solution added to autorotation that can be used when auto rotation is not possible, due to technical issues or other obstacles. The quick deployment of the parachute makes the device effective at the low altitude of 150 metres. Savback also points to the Zefhir’s high-inertia and silent rotors, as well as its large luggage van.

“What makes this product truly unique in its segment is the safety,” said Michael Savbäck, founder and head of sales, Savback Helicopters AB. “We know our customers are excited about the developments on the helicopter market, and we cannot wait to introduce them to the Zefhir, that we are confident will be an instant success.”


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