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Sennheiser introduces new headset for pro pilots

May 30, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

May 30, 2013, Old Lyme, Conn. - Audio specialist Sennheiser has unveiled the HMEC 26-2, the optimized successor to the successful HMEC 26 pilot’s headset.

May 30, 2013, Old Lyme, Conn. – Audio specialist Sennheiser has unveiled
the HMEC 26-2, the optimized successor to the successful HMEC 26
pilot’s headset. Improved wearing comfort, optimum protection against
handling noise and a higher sound pressure level are just some of the
features of the new NoiseGard headset for commercial aviation pilots.

HMEC 26 with active noise cancellation is our most popular headset for
airline and business pilots,” explained Jörg Buchberger, Business
Segment Manager Aviation at Sennheiser. “The improvements made in the
26-2 are based on feedback we requested and received from professional
pilots and airlines from all over the world.”
Wearing comfort and stability
HMEC 26-2 with its anthracite finish now offers improved wearing
comfort. The headband has been lengthened overall and the end pieces
have been designed with a different angle to ensure that the headset
sits even more comfortably with a more evenly distributed contact
pressure. The new wider and softer cushions are securely held to the
headband with a special fastener.
To enable the headset to fit
perfectly on every pilot, the two-piece automatic headband can now be
opened by a further 20 degrees. At the same time, the ear cups can be
folded back only to a 45-degree angle, thus considerably improving
wearing stability.
There is also greater stability for the
microphone boom, which is made of a new steel material that keeps the
microphone securely in its set position.
Protected against interference
the product optimisation process, particular attention was paid to
sources of interference that the headset might be exposed to. “There are
many such interference sources on board,” said Jörg Buchberger. “They
range from the on-board power generators to the windscreen heating
system. All of these can generate audible interference in a headset. For
that reason, we have now provided the electronics and acoustics of the
new HMEC 26-2 with even more effective protection against interference
from other devices.”
Special cable against handling noise
a special extra, the HMEC 26-2 has a new cable that makes it
particularly insensitive to handling noise. Four coils in the otherwise
straight cable isolate the headset acoustically from noise normally
produced when the cable is moved in contact with the pilot’s clothing.
Higher sound pressure level
European Aviation Safety Agency has approved higher sound pressure
levels for the CS-ETSO certification of headsets, thus complying with
the requests of many pilots. The new HMEC 26-2 therefore has a 6dB
higher sound pressure level than its predecessor. “Pilots can now
increase the volume in critical situations – a major contribution to
intelligibility and safety,” said Jörg Buchberger. “The HMEC 26-2
fulfils the wishes that our aviation customers have expressed to us. As a
manufacturer, we are always very pleased to get feedback from the users
of our products. The new headset is therefore actually a successful
cooperation – between our ideas and input from our customers.”
The ETSO-certified HMEC 26-2 headset is available immediately.


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