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SKYTRAC and Nordic Unmanned partner on IMS-350 UAV Satcom System

May 3, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Nordic Unmanned Staaker image courtesy of SKYTRAC

SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. recently teamed up with Nordic Unmanned to launch an Integrated Mission System 350 (IMS-350).

The Satcom was installed on a Staaker BG-200 UAV, enabling Command and Control (C2) capabilities during mapping, photogrammetry, LiDAR scanning flight operations, and logistical operations.

Nordic Unmanned’s Staaker BG-200 will gain live video streaming and mission control updates for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations from anywhere on the globe using SKYTRAC’s Iridium Certus connectivity solution. The IMS-350’s onboard server will also host custom video compression software to optimize bandwidth utilization to reduce operating costs.

Dr. Jose Luis Gil, VP Digitalization at Nordic Unmanned, said in a statement, “Satcom systems will be part of all UAVs operations in the near future – the ability to work with a leading Iridium Aviation Partner such as SKYTRAC was crucial to our decision making.”


The IMS-350 will enable Iridium Certus broadband services on Nordic Unmanned UAV platforms with speeds ranging from 176 Kbps bi-directional to 352 Kbps uplink and 704 Kbps downlink, dependent on antenna configuration.

Designed to operate in sub-arctic to semi-arid and tropical climate zones, the UAV’s flexible operational profile will enable Nordic Unmanned to service customers globally.


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