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SkyTrac demonstrates real-time flight exceedances

December 12, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

Dec. 12, 2013, Kelowna, B.C. - SkyTrac Systems has announced the successful flight test of their Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system in a Bell 212 with Skyline Helicopters Ltd. SkyTrac’s engineers were on site to conduct a test flight with Skyline to demonstrate rotor and engine component exceedances.

SkyTrac’s FDM system – including an ISAT-200A, Cockpit Display Unit (CDU) and Iridium antenna – was quickly installed. Once installation was complete, key thresholds were configured and the testing began. Thresholds were set artificially low in order to demonstrate exceedance triggering and real-time notification. Once airborne, the ISAT-200A successfully detected exceedances in both engines for Torque, Main Rotor RPM (Nr), Internal Turbine Temperature (ITT), Power Turbine RPM (N2) and Gas Generator Turbine RPM (Ng).

“We were very excited to be able to integrate the FDM equipment and have it functioning, end-to-end, within a matter of hours,” commented Mike Ball, engineering manager. “The ISAT-200A real-time exceedance notification performed as designed; we are confident this feature will pay dividends during normal flight operations while monitoring real thresholds for key aircraft components.”


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