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StandardAero launches new M250 compressor case life extension program

February 22, 2016  By StandardAero

StandardAero’s Helicopter business unit has launched a new engine compressor case life extension program to help Rolls-Royce M250 engine operators reduce maintenance service intervals and keep their helicopters in the air for longer  periods of time, reducing overall operating costs.

StandardAero developed the EnduroCoat 3500, a Rolls-Royce approved,  advanced technology patent-pending coating system, which reduces plastic breakout problems that are a common maintenance issue on M250 compressor cases.

“Plastic breakout is an industry problem that no one has been able to solve until now,” said Manny Atwal, Vice President & General Manager of StandardAero Helicopters.  “We believe our development of the EnduroCoat 3500 coating solution will be a true differentiator for M250 Series II engine operators.”

Currently, Rolls-Royce M250 Series II compressor cases are used in more than 6,000 helicopter engines worldwide.  Historically, plastic breakout in compressor cases leads to downtime for operators, costing them valuable time and money.  The new EnduroCoat 3500 compressor case reduces the problem of plastic breakout and StandardAero is offering a conditional lifetime warranty guarantee for customers, excluding erosion, corrosion FOD or other damage to compressor stator vanes.

“Over time, cracks can initiate at the root of the blades within M250 engine compressor cases, due to thermal cycling.  As the cracks grow, they propagate towards adjacent cracks, eventually causing plastic breakout,” explained  Graeme Crawford, StandardAero Repair Development Engineer.  “The EnduroCoat 3500 improves plastic adhesion which reduces the propagation of plastic cracks.  Additionally, the EnduroCoat 3500 drastically reduces corrosion of the base metal which also contributes to plastic breakout.  This ingenuity makes it possible to minimize plastic breakout within the compressor case, which in turn, minimizes time lost and money spent for operators.”


Through fielded engine trials, StandardAero EnduroCoat 3500 had achieved a 20% increase in compressor case lap shear strength in comparison to industry standard repair procedures.  The new EnduroCoat program begins on March 1 and StandardAero is currently accepting compressor cases for repair at the company’s Winnipeg, Canada maintenance, repair and overhaul facility.


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