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Static display to savour at Helitech 2011

Sept. 26, 2011, Duxford, U.K. - Tomorrow (Tuesday 27 September) Helitech opens with one of its most impressive line-ups of static aircraft. Nearly 40 helicopters will be gracing the tarmac outside the exhibition halls with OEMs such as AgustaWestland fielding the light-weight, twin-engine multi-purpose AW109 Grand New.

September 26, 2011
By Carey Fredericks

The company will also be showing the PZL W-3 Sokół medium-size, twin-engine, multipurpose helicopter manufactured by AgustaWestland Świdnik; and a mock-up of the AW189, a new generation multi-purpose twin-engine 8-tonne class helicopter.
Aeriades, the French regional aerospace cluster, will be displaying a prototype of Heli Air Design’s HAD-1, a 2-seat light helicopter which will initially come in kit form.
A Bell JetRanger is appearing courtesy of Apple International, while Cotswold Helicopter Centre is featuring the new Guimbal Cabri G2, a two-seat light piston-engined helicopter.
From Enstrom Helicopter Corp comes the 5-seat Enstrom 480B, while Eurocopter will be showcasing the EC135, a twin-engine helicopter widely used by police and ambulance services, and the EC120, 5-seat, single-engine light helicopter.
An AW139 is being displayed by FB Heliservices, which is also featuring an EC AS350 Army and a HARII Griffin.
A strong line-up from MD Helicopters includes an MD500E and MD902 Explorer while two Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopters are being brought to Helitech by Multiflight.
PremiAir is featuring the Sikorsky S-76, medium-size commercial utility helicopter. Sikorsky itself is displaying the S-76 ++ model.
The AW109 Grand New also features in the Sloane Helicopters’ display, along with a Robinson R66 5-seat turbine-powered helicopter. Specialist Air Services is providing an MD902, while TLC Handling is featuring the single-engined Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama.
Helitech Exhibition Manager, Brandon Ward, said: “Our visitors are going to really enjoy seeing such a breadth of helicopters types and configurations. It sets the bar high for 2013 when we will be returning to Duxford from 24 to 26 September.”

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