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TC certifies universal filter module to protect S-61

June 16, 2015  By Donaldson

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense has announced that Transport Canada has certified its Universal Filter Module (UFM) engine filtration system for installation and use on Sikorsky Aircraft S-61 and H-3 helicopters.

Transport Canada issued the UFM supplemental type certificate to The Coulson Group of Companies, Donaldson’s partner in developing the S-61/H-3 installation, which will protect engines on those helicopters from 99 percent of airborne contaminants with very little loss in hover performance. A Port Alberni, British Columbia-headquartered business, Coulson operates S-61s in Azerbaijan, British Columbia and Australia’s state of Victoria.

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a subsidiary of Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), will now obtain a U.S. STC from the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to the S-61/H-3, the UFM can be adapted to a wide range of heavy, twin-engine helicopters, including the Mil Mi8/17 series and Airbus Helicopters Super Puma series. Donaldson will display its latest products June 15-21 during Paris Air Show 2015 at Hall 2B Stand E105 at the Le Bourget.

“The Universal Filter Module will protect the safety, reliability and efficiency of S-61s, H-3s and other workhorse helicopters performing essential missions for civilian, governmental and military customers around the world,” said Mark Brandenhoff, Global Director of Sales, Aerospace, for the Donaldson Company. “We are proud to have worked with Coulson to deliver this capability to such critical helicopter fleets.”

Donaldson developed the UFM’s filter modules to prevent dirt, dust, sand and foreign objects from damaging helicopters’ engines and degrading their performance. Coulson developed the aircraft interface (or “A kit”) for installation on the Sikorsky helicopters. S-61s and H-3s perform missions around the world ranging from firefighting, logging and VIP transport to anti-submarine warfare, maritime patrol and search and rescue, often flying in extremely challenging conditions.


The UFM is the first Inlet Barrier Filter available for these aircraft. The system includes a low-drag filtration solution mounted forward of the engine inlets and three filter elements that are easily accessible and removable for service (with a 4,500-hour service life). It also includes a translating, forward-facing dome for emergency bypass – an important feature absent in most traditional sand filters and particle separators.

A simple and compact cockpit switch, common with existing Donaldson certified Inlet Barrier Filter systems, allows indication and activation of the bypass system.  An integral Filter Maintenance Aid also allows for on-condition inspections pre- and post-flight to assist in mission planning and visual inspection of filter condition. 


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