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TCCA type certification for five-bladed Airbus H145

January 6, 2021  By Helicopters Staff

Five-bladed H145©Airbus Helicopter, photo credit: Patrick Heinz

Airbus’ new five-bladed H145 helicopter has received its certification from Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), following both European (EASA) and American (FAA) certification in 2020. The first five-bladed H145 delivery in Canada is scheduled to take place in mid-2021 to an air medical customer, and an additional order from a multi-mission operator was placed at the end of last year.

“The enhanced performance capabilities of the new five-bladed H145 will help to further mission success for our customers in Canada, and we stand ready to support its upcoming entry into service,” said Dwayne Charette, president and COO of Airbus Helicopters Canada in a press release. “We are grateful to the team at Transport Canada for enabling us to meet this important milestone, while mitigating various challenges linked to the global pandemic we all continue to face.”

This type certification covers the full range of capabilities, including single-pilot instrument flight rules (IFR) and single engine operations (Cat.A/VTOL), along with night vision goggle capability. This newest version of the H145 family adds a new, innovative five-bladed rotor system to the multi-mission H145, increasing the useful load of the helicopter by 330 lbs (150 kg). The simplicity of the new bearingless main rotor design will also simplify maintenance operations, further improving the benchmark serviceability and reliability of the H145, while improving ride comfort for both passengers and crew.

Particularly suited to high-altitude environments, the H145 set its skids down during a test campaign on the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, further proving its capabilities even in harsh conditions. Powered by two Safran Arriel 2E engines, the H145 is equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and Airbus’s own Helionix digital avionics suite. It includes a high performance 4-axis autopilot, increasing safety and reducing pilot workload.



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