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Technavio report names top vendors in global heliport market

January 4, 2017  By Technavio

Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global heliports market report until 2020. This research report also lists five other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

Some key factors driving the growth of this market include increased upstream investment with shale gas exploration, increasing number of skyscrapers and business hubs, increasing global luxury and adventure tourism, and the flexibility provided by the aluminum decks. However, the nature of this market is not constant, with many fluctuations in the demand. This will be the main reason for the relatively slower growth rate of this market.

Competitive vendor landscape
The global heliports market is a relatively young market with few multinational and regional stakeholders offering standard products and services at comparable prices. As this is a market that is in the growth phase, there is a scope for new stakeholders such as the civil construction companies. The government has put several restrictions on the vendors and mandates them to adhere to the safety regulations, technological advancements, cost, quality, and reliability standards. Suppliers in the Americas have managed to dominate the young market, achieving significant growth by offering innovative and effective solutions.

The global heliports market is cyclical in nature, with the demand for heliports dependent on sudden economic downturns and government regulations on air transport. Vendors are also looking for ways to appease the rising environmental and public concerns over their safety by introducing new types of products in the market.

Top five vendors in the global heliports market:


FEC Heliports
FEC Heliports is a division of the Federal Equipment Company (FEC). FEC began as a small supplier of replacement parts material for handling equipment in the US Navy, the US Army, the US Coast Guard, and shipyards throughout the world. The company, later on, grew into a complete engineering and manufacturing company. FEC specializes in design, site selection, and fabrication of rooftop, offshore, and ground helipads. It has designed, manufactured, and installed rooftop and aluminum helipads for over 20 years. The company carries experienced and in-house staff consisting of structural engineers, experienced heliport designers and consultants, as well as staffs for installations and fabrications.

Helidex Offshore
Helidex Offshore is one of the suppliers of aluminum helidecks for the offshore industry. The company’s business considerably relies on repeat business from the existing clients. Both engineering and fabrication are conducted in-house by experienced engineers, designers, and fabricators. Most of its projects are certified by either ABS, DNV, LR, or BV. Helidex ensures that all the acquired materials are certified through mill certificates from authentic and established mills in the US. It was also the first helideck supplier in the world to develop and use the economic “V” shaped Heliflex decking planks that have become the standard shape in the helidecks industry.

Heli-Exec Solutions
Heli-Exec specializes in constructing helicopter landing sites that are in accordance with South African civil aviation authority (SACAA)/ International civil aviation organization (ICAO) standards for private, commercial, and governmental applications. The company looks into the project starting from its initial feasibility to final construction, namely securing planning consent with the local authorities, designing helipad, and building as per specific requirements, including any lighting or paths.

HeliExperts International
HeliExperts International was formed with the merging of Raymond A. Syms and Associates and RJ Alexander Consulting in the year 2012. Together, the HeliExperts International team has more than 80+ combined years of expertise in helicopter aviation, and heliports and experience in corporate, military, offshore, and air medical operations with over 35 years in aeronautical consulting, safety, and heliport development. HeliExperts International has designed over 750+ heliports worldwide.

Heliport Systems
Heliport Systems engages in the planning, designing, and construction of heliports for businesses, hospitals, and the marine industry worldwide. It offers complete rooftop heliport system (modular, steel, and aluminum) with heliport lighting and heliport foam fire protection. For ships and offshore oil rigs prefabricated aluminum systems are used, which are ultra-light weight and have high immunity from corrosion.


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