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The US State Department Awards $18M IDIQ Contract to RMCI

December 9, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

The US Department of State awarded an $18 million IDIQ contract to RMCI, Inc. for its Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, or HUMS.

The Expandable Rotorcraft Diagnostic System or XRDS is RMCI’s next-generation HUMS. Its technology ensures a high quality of safety and improved aircraft availability. The use of RMCI’s technology will also enhance the ability of the State Department to accomplish its mission with reduced costs and increased safety.

The XRDS enables flight data monitoring for Flight Operations Quality Assurance, or FOQA; provides comprehensive mechanical diagnostics of the entire drive train of the aircraft; and supports maintenance functions such as engine vibration checks and rotor track and balance.

RMCI’s equipment detects emerging problems well in advance to prevent mission interruption, collateral damage of components, and other possible incidents. The XRDS is lightweight and currently installed on 14 different types of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. RMCI is pleased to contribute to the State Department’s mission of “advancing the interests of the American people, their safety and economic prosperity.”



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