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Thommen introduces 3ATI display module

July 17, 2019  By Helicopters Staff

Photo: Thommen Aircraft Equipment

Thommen Aircraft Equipment has released the 3ATI high-resolution display module designed for forward fit and retrofit applications in commercial or military OEM programs.

This high resolution AMLCD display module, explains the company, is packaged to fit into a typical 3ATI case and to integrate with third-party electronics and computing backends to develop digital flight instruments. Its design provides a 6-layer anti-reflective, EMI-protected and heated front glass.

The LED backlight display module, explains Thommen, provides readability from virtually any viewing angle (80º viewing envelope) and the integrated ambient light sensors can be used for automatic brightness adjustment. All-mode operation can also be provided as an option based on the product’s NVIS-compliant LCD and bezel.

With no active cooling and a very low power consumption, Thommen explains the product caters for a reduced footprint with a total depth of only 24 mm.


“With this 3ATI display module, we continue to expand our digital display solutions offering. What we address here is the growing need expressed by avionics OEMs for a price-competitive, compact, yet powerful, LCD sub-assembly,” said Thomas Terschlusen, Thommen’s director of sales and marketing. “This product is a solid alternative offered to the market and especially to avionics providers looking for the latest generation TFT display technology, which they can easily mount to their own piece of equipment. We also offer engineering support and deliver interface documentation to facilitate the integration work.”

Thommen explains the product is derived from its new line of 3ATI multifunction displays and chronographs and can, therefore, rely on existing DO-160G, DO-178C and DO-254 qualification and design assurance requirements. The display module is supplied preassembled with customizable bezel and can optionally be fitted with rotary knob, shaft encoder, push buttons, dedicated labelling or OEM logo.


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