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TracPlus adds v2track voice to product portfolio

October 29, 2020  By Helicopters Staff

TracPlus and v2track have reached a new partnership to add v2track voice to TracPlus’ device range, providing what the companies describe as an affordable and feature-rich satellite and cellular tracking, satellite voice and messaging solution to the TracPlus portfolio.

v2track voice builds upon the existing v2track technology, a dual-mode and high-rate tracking unit used in multiple markets across the globe. The company explains its concept of adding voice to the v2track product came as a direct request from customers.

“We wanted to meet the demands of our customers who were looking for high-end tracking and voice functionality, without the burden of cost,” said v2track Co-Founder Kylan Diprose. “Building on the great success our tracking and messaging system has had in the market, adding voice functionality meets the requirements for some market segments we didn’t traditionally operate in such as EMS and first responders. It is great to now open up our offering to them with reliability and accessibility being some key priorities of our business approach.”

Utilizing Iridium voice, and with Push-To-Talk capability currently under development, phone calls are dialed by an LCD screen or by a smart device connected via Bluetooth technology. Voice communication is integrated directly into the pilots’ headset via the aircraft audio panel.


v2track voice can send and receive text messages and send short emails when required through an app. The companies explain v2track voice also fosters a paperless cockpit environment through the transmission of critical flight information including Electronic Flight Bag, trip manifest, checklist completion, and flight plan.

TracPlus has integrated the v2track product line into its real-time tracking and communication platform, providing customers with what the company describes as complete visibility of all personnel and resources within one common operating platform.

“At TracPlus, we are building an open hardware ecosystem,” said TracPlus CEO, Trevor McIntyre. “The integration of v2track voice adds to the long list of tracking devices that our platform supports. We believe in allowing our customers to use the best tools they need on the job while benefiting from the power of our collaborative platform.”


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