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TRAXXALL introduces new MRO module

September 28, 2021  By Naomi Szeben

Image courtesy of TRAXXALL

TRAXXALL, an aviation intelligence company, launched its new MRO module.

Interoperating with its maintenance tracking and inventory management modules, ‘MRO’ helps operators build better businesses by generating and leveraging rich data for maximum operational efficiency and financial success.

‘MRO’ features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced Workforce Management – ‘MRO’ simply and efficiently tracks time, tasks and labor costs.
  • Flexible Integration – ‘MRO’ may be configured to interoperate with existing automated systems including accounting and flight scheduling.
  • Industry Intelligence – Airworthiness directives, service bulletins and other alerts are updated and distributed to clients daily by TRAXXALL’s team of aviation experts.
  • User-Friendliness – The MRO module offers TRAXXALL’s signature user-friendliness, including dashboards that provide intuitive access to real-time data.
  • Synergies – Integrated with TRAXXALL’s maintenance tracking module, ‘MRO’ is an enhanced efficiency tool.
  • Easy Implementation – Training, setup and on-boarding of ‘MRO’ are delivered and supported by TRAXXALL’s expert team.
  • Lower Entry Cost – Unlike traditional automated aviation systems, ‘MRO’ is subscription-based and Web-based – no large upfront implementation costs.

“We developed the MRO module as an extension of our expertise and because we identified a clientele that is underserved,” says Mark Steinbeck, President, TRAXXALL in a statement. “Traditional MRO software systems are complex and overpriced, due to large up-front implementation costs. Based on a subscription model, our new Web-based module is simple, efficient and right-sized.”


“By providing comprehensive visibility – including the status of ongoing projects, resource allocation, labor costs and invoice generation – we are enabling our clients to build and run better businesses. The MRO module is the latest chapter in our evolution from a maintenance tracking company to a provider of sophisticated aviation intelligence. By extending our engagement with clients and earning an increasingly deep understanding of individual aircraft, aircraft types and OEMs, we are the custodians of an ever-growing wealth of data and expertise. We share this knowledge with our clients and contribute directly to their operational and financial success.”


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